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** If a customer needs to schedule a 1:1 appt, please try to track down a CTC staff member (Megan, Jesse, Cindy, David, Squee) to schedule these. If we are not in the Lab, please dial 5-1781 or 5-1351 to reach us.
If you cannot reach a staff member, please send an email to moc.liamg|lpdtactc#moc.liamg|lpdtactc with the following info:
• Name of customer requesting lesson
• Phone number
• Type of lesson (basics, job seeking, other stuff like MS Office apps, gadgets). PLEASE ADD AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE SO WE CAN PREPARE FOR THE LESSON!!
• You can look at the AVAILABILITY (and include available slots in the email) thru the wiki and give the customer an IDEA of when we might get it scheduled, but DO NOT PROMISE an appt at a specific day/time. A CTC staff member will schedule it and confirm with the customer. Even if the Google calendar is open and logged in, please refer these to STAFF ONLY!!

  • Any time you help a customer please mark it on LAB Docent PC\CTCShortOneOnOneStats - thanks!
  • The new !!!RESOURCES!!! menu is up and complete!!! You can use that to refer people to more organizations that can help them further!!!
  • We are having YOU folks sign people up for the 1x1 computer lessons!!! To access the Excel file, go to the Lab Docent PC folder and double click on the "1x1 Signups" file. Then just fill in as much of the information in the fields as you can!!!
  • We have been getting A LOT of people signing up for classes. Most classes are onto the waiting list 2 weeks or more before the class is to take place! Here is a little script to tell people when you are signing them up for a class and they are either on the waiting list, or the waiting list is already full: "I'm sorry. That class is already full, so I can't sign you up. However, in most classes, about 1/2 the people who sign up actually show up. I would strongly recommend that you come in and see if there is an open space if you really want to attend the class. I can't guarantee you a spot, but I'm pretty sure if you showed up, you could get a computer."
Please do NOT allow customers to use the phone at the docent desk. We want to keep that phone open for incoming calls for questions and reservations. The line I usually give people is:

"I'm sorry, but we need to keep this line open for business purposes. There is a pay phone down by the elevators though and you are welcome to use that."

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