Cd Roms

Oh, cantankerous Library Lab equipment!!!

One of the things that sometimes happens when we use the CD Drive is it refuses to open. When this happens, you can use a paperclip to force the drawer open. We have several already properly bent paperclips in the small docent desk drawer, prepared for just such an occasion! All you do is: push the drawer eject button and insert the paper clip into the tiny hole beneath the CD tray. You will feel it catch on a gear and the drawer will magically open!!!

The other big thing that we see is sometimes people come up to you with 1 minute of their session remaining and they want to burn all the information they have collected onto a CD before their computer shuts down (and we can't extend their time 'cause someone else is waiting for that machine). We have created file to prevent this being an epic fail. If you have them open the Lab Data folder and then the SAVE_FILES_HERE folder, they can save their files in that folder until they can get logged onto a different PC.

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