Computer Training
The Cross Community Coalition Family Resource Center helps the citizens of Globeville, Swansea and Elyria with just about everything. They have computer training classes and will work with people on job searches and resume building. They also offer counseling, youth and senior assistance.

Microsoft Elevate America

MSEA is handing out vouchers for people to take classes to become Microsoft Technicians. These classes can be self run or administered by people in the Denver Workforce Center. For more information, go to:
DPLs site about it
or go to
The Workforce Center's site.

To get people to register, they must go to and select "Employment" and then select Microsoft Elevate America. Then just follow the instructions!

For DIY practice:

Some of our patrons come in and have some computer skills and just want to practice what they already know a little bit about. For these people try these websites and computer programs!

Mouse Skills:

For Seniors
For General Use

For Typing Practice:

Open the Lab Data Folder, open the Mavis Beacon Folder, and start Mavis Beacon.
Or you can send them to Yahoo! Games to play some typing games.

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