Faxes, Color Printing, Scanning

We can do some scanning for people; however, as you all know, we are limited in our staffing and our time, so we are not always available to help. If someone NEEDS a page scanned RIGHT NOW and we are not able to help them, or they have more than 5 items they want scanned, send them to one of these locations:

Name Location Phone Number
FedEx Kinkos 555 17th St, Suite 190 303-298-8610
FedEx Kinkos 1509 Blake St. 303-623-3500
Sir Speedy Printing 11th & Lincoln 303-839-5889
Office Depot 600 E. Colfax Ave 303-832-2582

They do all charge, but we don't always have the time. We try to offer scanning documents for patrons when we can, but job searching and academic research needs to be our priority and we don't always have the time.

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