Flash Drives

Make sure you always get people to sign the technology waiver before you touch their gadget! This ensures that they can't blame you for messing up their mp3 player, laptop, etc. Click on the image to see a full size to print!

  • Occasionally people come in with multiple flash drives or need USB connectors that they need to use all at once on a PC. If they have more than 2, you can open up the side panel on the right of the PC to allow them access to 2 more ports.
  • If someone cannot access their flash drive, try moving it to another port to see if that will work.
  • If moving the flash drive to another port does not make it work, talk to Jesse or Megan. Usually the case is that there is a hidden file on the drive that is preventing it from working. We can delete it from the Stand Alone PC.
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