How To Use CDBurnerXP

1. Double click CDBurnerXP icon on the desktop and you will get the Action selection screen.
You will see five options Data Disc, Audio Disc, Burn ISO Image, Copy Disc, and EraseDisc.
If you just need to save files (Doc, Music, Photo’s, ect) just choose Data Disc. Now if you need
to make a CD that plays in a CD Player choose Audio Disc.

2.After you make your selection your screen should look like this.

3.Just drag the files you want to burn to the bottom window on the right and click the botton in the middle on the far left .

4.After you click burn you get more options. If you are burning to an RW choose Leave Disc Open to add more files to the disk later if not just choose Finalise Disc. (you can do this with CD-R’s but you can't erase disc and put new files on it that can only be done with RW’s)

5.You are done .

6.When you need to add more file to a disk you just burned with the session still open choose Continue Disc and repeat step 3.

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