Sometimes people lose the tracks they had downloaded to their mp3 players from iTunes. Here is some information about iTunes refund policy in an email exchange between Megan and a representative:

I manage a Community Technology Center at Denver Public Library and help
customers use iTunes to purchase music and transfer to their iPods on our
public computers. Many of our customers are first-time users and often run
into issues of buying and downloading music, trying to transfer to their
iPod, and then having their session end before it completes successfully.
Our PCs erase all locally saved data at the end of each session and
customers come to me saying that their music is "gone" and they can't get it
back. I have referred them to their "purchases" in their iTunes account,
but the music is often no longer there. Can Apple re-authorize purchases to
help folks that are using public PCs? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Dear Megan,

I understand some of the people involved with your community program have
lost their purchases. My name is Kristen and it is my pleasure to assist
you. Please know, I can appreciate your concerns and I am happy to address
them for you.

Referring your participants to their purchase history unfortunately will
not allow them to recover their purchases. It is only a record of their

Unfortunately the only way for the participants to retrieve their missing
items, is for them to each write into the iTunes Customer support, just as
you did, and report the problem. Please Note: they do not need to write
individual emails for the individual items, they can include them all in one

My suggestion would be to implement some sort of a backup system for them
to ensure their purchases will not be lost. You may want to have them burn
**their items to a CD before they close their session out.

I would also suggest that if they are not able to complete their sessions,
or they are having trouble, they can pause the download. This will ensure
the items stay attached to their account until they car re-start the

I hope this clears things up for you. Please feel free to reply to this
email with any further questions or concerns. Thank you for being a valued
member of the iTunes Store family, have a great day!


iTunes Store Customer Support

Thank you so much for your timely and informative response, Kristen! Yes -
we do generally have folks backup their purchases to CD, but sometimes our
PCs just run outta time and reboot, thus wiping out all purchased music
because of the way our computers are configured.

On the note of backing up - is it possible to back up to flash drive rather
than CD, or can you only burn to CD/DVD?

Thanks again - you are fabulous!


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