Keytrain Assessment

I know all of you have questions about what the heck KeyTrain is… Well, I'll try to answer a few of them here!!! Thanks Ellen for bringing up that we needed to get this information out there better (and for asking some of the questions that will be included in this little bit of documentation)!!! The rest of the questions will come from a flyer put out about KeyTrain.

1. What is KeyTrain?

KeyTrain is a targeted curriculum written specifically to help people master the applied workplace skills as
defined by the WorkKeys® system. As a Level 1 publisher, KeyTrain provides curriculum that is based on the
WorkKeys targets for instruction and meets ACT's quality standards.

2. What does KeyTrain include?

KeyTrain includes instruction for all levels of WorkKeys and Pre-WorkKeys skills in all WorkKeys skill areas. It is
available in Internet, CD, or print versions. The Internet and CD versions include a powerful management and
student tracking system that allows for easy administration and detailed reporting of students' progress in the

The KeyTrain program incorporates a full natural voice soundtrack for improved focus and concentration,
online access to the WorkKeys Occupational Profile Database, quick-assignment features based on Career
Readiness Certificates or job profiles, pre- and post-quizzes, and many other great features.

3. Who uses KeyTrain and does it work?

High schools, colleges, career/tech ed, adult ed, one-stops, state government, corrections, businesses, and
individuals across the country use KeyTrain. Millions of people have logged on to improve their applied
workplace skills.

KeyTrain is the most documented curriculum in raising applied skills. Our results show significant gains in skills
for high school and college students, incumbent workers, potential job candidates, adult learners, and for
special populations.

4. Are the Keytrain sessions that DPL offers the actual test itself, or are they just prep sessions? If they
are not the real test, how do they take the real test?

- DPL sessions are just practice.

Here is the Denver Workforce Center at Speer info:

HOURS: 8 am-4:45 pm
ADDRESS: 1391 North Speer Blvd. Suite 500
LOCATION: 14th & Speer, in the Parkway Professional Building above King Soopers
PHONE: 720.865.5619

5. Is Central the only branch that offers the training?


6. Where is this demand coming from? What institutions require this test?

So far we have only heard specifically of Denver Health and Denver Public Schools - but it is pretty new
(Aug 2009 was the roll-out), but it has been endorsed by Gov Ritter.

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