Mp3 Players

First off: While staff is happy to help patrons with any questions involving their mp3 players, we ask them to respect that we prioritize our time to assist people with job searches, resume writing, and academic research. This means that if you are getting run ragged and someone is demanding assistance with their mp3 player, you may most definitely tell them to come back later or ask them to sign up for One on One assistance on the sign in sheet at the docent desk. If you are working with someone on their mp3 player and someone else has a question about a job search or resume writing, absolutely assist the person working on getting a job!

Make sure you always get people to sign the technology waiver before you touch their gadget! This ensures that they can't blame you for messing up their mp3 player, laptop, etc. If you can't find a copy of the waiver on the clipboard at the docent desk, here is a copy to printout:


Click on the image to make it large enough to printout and make it worthwhile!

Here are our basic guidelines on mp3 players, in the form of our folletto!:


You should be able to click on either of these images to make them large enough to read!!!

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