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The Denver Public Library values free and equal access to information and Library resources, including Library computers. By requiring a Denver Public Library card for computer use, the Library equalizes computer access for all customers.

Why are we doing this?
One of the goals of the Computer Issues Committee is to minimize abuse of Library computer time limits. Requiring each computer user to have a permanent, unique Library card number ensures that each customer is given an equal amount of computer time per day.

What is changing?

  1. All Library visitors, including travelers, will be required to have a Denver Public Library card to access a Denver Public Library computer. The Library will no longer offer randomly generated guest number slips for PC access.
  2. In addition, to prevent other customers from using numbers found on discarded slips, PC reservation slips will no longer carry the customer’s Library card number.

What if a customer doesn’t have their Library card with them?
Ask for the customer’s ID and look them up in CARL. Write down their D0# number and encourage them to destroy the slip after use to prevent others from using that number. (see page 2 for kids without Library cards).

What if a customer already has a card but it’s blocked due to fines?
Card status does not impact a customer’s ability to make a computer reservation or log in to a Library PC. As with any Library card registration, always check the database for existing accounts before issuing a Computer User Card or regular Library card. To ensure one PC access number per customer, it is important that we not issue Computer User cards to customers with existing DPL accounts.

Who will be responsible for signing Computer Users up for cards?
Library card registration is a circulation function and circulation staff at all locations will be largely responsible for this activity.

What about customers who don’t want to borrow items?
All Colorado residents are encouraged to enjoy the full range of DPL services by signing up for a regular Library card, however, those wanting only PC access may be registered using the Computer User borrower type. Computer User Cards are blocked from check out.

Do customers wanting a Computer User Card have to complete a different kind of application?
No paper or online application is required. Staff will enter the information into CARL as it appears on the customer’s picture ID.
What about temporary D08 numbers issued through Online Registration?
D08 numbers are blocked from the PC reservation system to prevent abuse of the system.

What are the requirements to receive a Computer User Card?
Customers must show acceptable picture ID at the time of registration.

What constitutes acceptable picture ID?
See Circulation Manual - Library Card Registration -Types of Accepted Identification.

What about expired ID?
Expired IDs are acceptable for Computer User Cards, so long as it is reasonably clear that the person pictured is the individual registering for the card.

Why are we requiring picture ID?
As with standard Library accounts, we are requiring picture ID to prevent customers from registering multiple times and receiving multiple Library Card numbers. Always check for an existing Denver Public Library card account before issuing a new Library card or Computer User Card.

Can I give a customer with a blocked Library card a Computer User Card?
There is no need to make another account for blocked cards. Library card numbers associated with accounts blocked due to Library fines can still be used to reserve and to logon to a Library PC. If the customer has lost their physical card, simply write their existing Library card number down for them.

What about the Matricula Consular ID?
As per Colorado law, we cannot accept Matricula Consular cards for Library services. Please ask the customer what ID they presented to obtain their Matricula Consular card. This is usually an ID type that we can accept.

What about customers who want computer access but don’t have a valid picture ID?
Please provide adult customers lacking valid picture ID with an ID Resource card, available at all circulation desks. This card lists local organizations that may be able to help them obtain ID.

What about kids?
We encourage every Colorado resident, including children, to enjoy the full range of DPL services by signing up for a regular Library card. Please use informed judgment to assist young Library users to access Library resources on a situational basis.

What if a child under 13 wants to use a computer but doesn’t have a Library Card and is not accompanied by a parent?
Please assist the child in signing onto a computer in a children’s area using a general login number (Central Circulation staff should refer young customers to the Children’s Library for assistance).

How do I do this?
Although the PC reservation system will no longer create randomly generated guest numbers, you can easily create a “number” on-the-fly to reserve a computer for a child. See the example below:

1. Enter a 9 character or digit word or phrase
2. Select PC type

3. Click Override

4. Click Accept Reservation
5. Print slip and remember to write down the “number” or phrase

6. Give the child a Library card application and encourage them to come back with their parent/guardian to receive a Library card on their next visit.

What if a child over 13 wants to use a computer but doesn’t have a Library card?
If the child has a school ID or other official ID, they may sign up for either a regular Library card or a Computer User Card. Again, please use informed judgment to assist these users.

Why are kids different?
We must balance concerns regarding potential PC reservation abuse with seizing the opportunity to encourage lifelong use and support of the Library by the young people in our community.

Will the registration procedure be any different for Computer Users?
Yes, we have eliminated a few steps to help registrations move quickly.

  • Customers do not need to complete an online or paper application to establish a Computer User account. Staff will enter information directly from the customer ID.
  • Because Computer User Cards are soft blocked from checkout, recovery of items and notification of holds/overdues is not an issue. Computer Users therefore do not have to show proof of address or provide a telephone number or email address.
  • Computer User registrations require entering info into only 8 fields:
    1. ID (Library card #)
    2. Name
    3. Expiration Date
    4. Type
    5. Status (set to soft block)
    6. DOB
    7. ID type/number
    8. Alt ID (this is their Library Card number, omitting the initial zero).


What will the Computer User Card look like?
The Computer User Card will look like a regular DPL card but will be printed on card stock with the words, “Computer Only” “No Checkout”

What is the expiration date for a Computer User Card?
Computer User Cards carry the standard 3-year expiration date unless issued to a visitor.

What about short-term visitors?
Short-term visitors to Denver will receive a Computer User Card. Visitor Computer User Cards will be set to expire on their day of departure. Otherwise, the requirements and procedure are the same as above.

What if a customer eventually wants to upgrade from a Computer User Card to a regular Library card?
Ask the customer for valid ID (expired ID is not sufficient for checkout privileges), telephone number, email (if applicable) and proof of address to complete their registration. Update their account with this information and provide them with the permanent Denver Public Library card. The permanent card replaces the Computer User Card.

As upon the issue of any regular Denver Public Library card, when upgrading a customer from a Computer User Card to a regular Library card, present the cardholder with the Denver Public Library circ policy brochure, advise them that it details their responsibilities and privileges and instruct them to read and sign the back of their new card.

What if a customer refuses to show ID/register for a card?
Library PCs are a limited resource, just like our material collections. The Denver Public Library equalizes access and demonstrates that it values these resources by requiring registration for use. Please recommend other options to customers who refuse to register/show ID, such as visiting an Internet café.

How should I respond to a customer who feels that the Library is violating his/her privacy with the new procedure?
In response to customer complaints regarding ongoing abuse of computer time limits, the Denver Public Library requires registration to ensure one PC access number per customer. Many urban, public libraries have adopted this approach.

The Denver Public Library follows state and federal law regarding privacy of Library users’ records and information. It is the Denver Public Library’s usual practice to erase all customer use records, except those essential for Library business operations. The Library will release records, including those relating to Internet usage, only as required by law.

When a computer session is ended, all information about that session is ordinarily deleted. The Library does not, as part of its regular practice, retrieve any information, including websites visited, passwords, credit card numbers, or any other information a customer has entered. At the end of the business day, all computer use and reservation records are normally erased.

Where can a customer reserve a computer?
Customers can still reserve a computer at a PC Reservation Station, at any Central Library reference desk or at any branch Library service desk with their Library card. Please note that the “Make Guest ID” button used to generate random guest numbers will be disabled.

What about the old paper CU cards?
Please throw these away. The new Computer User Card takes their place.

When does the new Library Card procedure start? The new Library Card procedure will go into effect on Monday, December 15, 2008.

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