Print Release

We have brought all kinds of fun on ourselves with the introduction of Print Release to the library!!! While it is intended to decrease staff time spent dealing with printouts and stop people walking off without paying for what they printed, we are still working on ironing out the kinks…

So here are some common errors that occur with Print Release:

  1. Patron Hit the Print Button and got all the prompts, but the touch screen console says they have no jobs. There is an icon on the Docent Computer Desktop near the lower left corner of the screen called "LPTOne." If you open this, it lists all the jobs that have been sent to the Black and White Public Printers in the building that have not yet been released. Look for a job sent from the computer the patron was at, click on it and click on print. Have the patron pay you for the cost of the printout and have them pick it up from the printer!!!
  2. Sometimes the vending machine doesn't acknowledge the money people put in the coin/bill slot. Use the gold bypass key that is on the cash register key chain to bypass the vending machine and print out the pages the patron wants. If they put in more money than the total cost of the printouts, write a refund slip for the amount they over paid, have them sign it, then put the slip in the cash register and give them money from the register.

If anything else funny occurs, let one of the staff members know and we will try to fix it. If it becomes a more frequent problem, we will document it and the solution to it.

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