Qbooks Or Access Lessons

When scheduling a computer lesson:

If a customer needs to schedule a 1:1 appointment, please try to track down a CTC staff member (Megan, Jesse, Cindy, David, Squee, Melanie) to schedule these. If we are not in the lab, please dial 5-1787 or 5-1351 to reach us.

If you cannot reach a staff member, please send an email to moc.liamg|lpdtactc#moc.liamg|lpdtactc with the following info:

1. The name of the customer requesting the lesson

2. Their Phone number

3. Type of lesson (basics, jobseeking, other stuff like MS Office apps, gadgets). PLEASE ADD AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE SO WE CAN PREPARE FOR THE LESSON!!!

You can look at the AVAILABILITY (and include available slots in the email) thru the wiki and give the customer and IDEA of when we might get it scheduled, but DO NOT PROMISE an appointment at a specific day/time. A CTC staff member will schedule it and confirm with the customer. Even if the Google Calendar is open and logged in, please refer these to STAFF ONLY!!!

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