Signing Up Patrons For Classes

JOB SEEKERS 1X1S!!! - To schedule a person for a session

  1. Look on the One on One's schedule to see where we have a space that says "OPEN - Jobseekers"
  2. Let the inquirer know when we can schedule them
  3. Write down their name and phone number and pass it along to Megan or Jesse
  4. We will enter it into the calendar and confirm with them!

(If it says "FULL - Jobseekers" then we have already filled that slot, and if it says either OPEN or FULL followed by a name, that is a specific appointment, so ignore those too!)

For other Classes:

  1. If someone comes up to the desk inquiring about a class listed on a flyer or seems to need some extra support in an area where you know we have a class coming up soon, you can sign them up for classes!!!
  2. Double click on the "2009ClassesRegLists & Stats" Excel icon on the Desktop
  3. This will bring up an Excel workbook, at the top of the workbook, on the sheet titled "Classes" are a list of classes
  4. This list is hyperlinked within the page to the signup form for that class
  5. Click on the class you wish to sign someone up for
  6. Enter their name on the next available spot
  7. If we are into the waiting list, Let them know that they are on the waiting list, but that they will still probably get a spot
  8. If the waiting list is full, tell them you cannot sign them up, but most classes usually only have about 50% of the people show up, if they come and there is a computer open for the class, they are welcome to sit in!
  9. Have them write down the class title, date and time before they leave the lab to ensure a greater likelyhood of them showing up for the class!
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