What We Lend Out And How

It happens frequently. We leave the house with all the best intentions of getting something accomplished, and when we get to where we need to go, we realize that we forgot some important bit of machinery to succeed in our goals.

This happen in the lab all the time.

So we have a few items sitting around for people to use. The only problem is: they don't always come back.

Our solution!: Like a good library, we check the materials (USB cables, converter cards…) out to people!

How to do this:

1. Find the item the patron is requesting.
2. Get the patron's driver's license in return for lending out the item.
3. Give the patron the item they requested.
4. Put the driver's license in the cash register in the furthest left section.

When someone comes to claim their driver's license, they must bring the item they borrowed back up to the front and return it to you first. Then give them back their ID.

To keep things from being confusing, we take the IDs that were accidentally left at a computer by a patron who didn't borrow anything from us down to Security at the desks by the entrances on the 1st floor.

So then, what do we lend out? This list is not inclusive, and some of the items that are on it may mysteriously walk off, but here is an idea of what we have:

1. Memory Card Reader (for the flat memory discs that have become popular in phones)
2. A: Drive reader (our new computer build will not have an A: drive on it)

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